Local H - No Fun (Cover Artwork)
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Local H

No Fun (2003)


Have you ever labeled an album or band as summer music? Well if you have not before, than when you hear "No Fun" the new 6 song ep from Local H, you will know what summer music it. The Chicago duo has returned with the rock again, this time with an ep consisting of four new tracks and a cover of the Ramones as well as a cover of The Godfathers.

The first track, "No Fun", contrary to its title, is a fun track. It has a very "Local H" sound, with profuse scream from the one and only Scott Lucas. My only complaint about this song is that it seems to drag on a little too long. It teases you and sounds like it has ended, but picks back up again and drags on for another minute or so. The second track "President Forever" is my favorite on the disc. It makes many political remarks in a humors way, but at the same time, gets a strong point across concerning out government. Aside from the lyrics, the sound is pretty dynamic, with impressive guitar lines.

The two covers on the cd, "Birth, School, Work, Death" by The Godfathers, and "I Just Want Something to Do" by the Ramones are pretty impressive. At times I am not a big fan of cover songs, but these two pay a lot of respect to their original artists. Both tracks are a job well done by Local H.

"Cooler Heads" is another rock track, with nothing setting it apart from the rest of the album. It sounds good, but at the same time, there isn't anything too unique about it. "Fuck Yeah that Wide" the last track, it quite the opposite. It is completely innovative and crazy. This song reminds fans why they love Local H. It is unprecedented and completely original, but inspired by, "every band who's ever done this shit before."

Local H has had an amazing past with their radio hits and gold status albums, but this band knows how to remain true to it's roots. They have not become caught up in their fame, and continue to make the same music they are known for, not catering to anyone's ears. So if you are into the rock, and want a good summer cd, pick up the "No Fun" ep on Thick Records.