The Goodwill/Count The Stars/Motion City Soundtrack - live in New York City (Cover Artwork)

The Goodwill / Count The Stars / Motion City Soundtrack

live in New York City (2003)

live show

This show was a afternoon show at The Continental in New York City, which has all ages show almost every sunday and they are alot of fun, this one was no different.

When me and a few of my friends got to the venue there wasnt a big line at all. But still many people felt compelled to ask if the show had been sold out yet, one person getting there laughed and said no dont worry you will get in. Once inside the venue I walked closer to the stage as I waited fot the first band to come on.

The first band on was Bayside, who are a band from Long Island. They just recently also signed a record label with Victory Records too I believe. I didnt come to see them and never really listened to them before the show, and I dont think I will ever listen to them after the show. It was evident no one was really there to see them. They had little energy when they preformed and didnt sound too great.

Next up was Junction 18, which personally I went to see. Although they took awhile to set up they played a good set. They played stuff such as, Sweet Steps, Granite Street Knife Fight, Turnabout, and Dakota. They also played some new stuff that is going to be on their new split acoustic album. They played a good long set that was alot of fun to hear.

After them Motion City Soundtrack came on. Wow. They were really good, before the show I didnt hear alot of their stuff other than Dont Call it a Comeback. But they were really good. Even though I went to see Junction 18, they had the best set.

Then Count The Stars came on. I dont like them, at all, I find their music to be very popish. So I didnt really listen to their set to much at all. Although it seemed that all the little girls in the front knew every word to every song they sang and wouldnt let the band get off the stage after their set. But during their set I did get to meet Adam Lazzara who came to the show and that was really cool. For those of you that dont already know, Adam Lazzara is from the band Taking Back Sunday. I did ask him about the bands current situation and he would only say that there working on replacing one member from the band, who he is, is anyones guess.

Last was The Goodwill, which is another band from Long Island, specifically Huntington. And they are a pretty good band. They started out with Let It Go. Which is a very good song, but after that song the singers voice died. He had a bad cold obviously and you could barely hear him, and so they ended the show alittle early.

The show was really good, but on my way back to penn station to catch a 7:14 train I fell on my face. G-d damn shoes with no traction haha. And my friends and I missed the train.