Slow Coming Day - Farewell to the Familiar (Cover Artwork)

Slow Coming Day

Farewell to the Familiar (2003)

Tooth & Nail

Dan Ocean

First off, let me say I bought this release because when I seen it was produced by Ed Rose (brandtson, the beautiful mistake, get up kids) I had high hopes. Although, slightly discouraged by the Tooth & Nail label.

Cut to me writing this review, I can safely say while at times showing promise this is not something I see many people having a good time listening to. While the songs A midsummer's Nightmare and Tight Wire and Cold Hands are clearly the standout tracks with there humable chorus, everything else is just bland filler.

The production is top notch and all the instruments sound right on (albeit the guitar is a little annoying in some songs) target. I don't know if this band wanted to sound like the typical Deep Elm band or what but it certainly came out that way. I feel like most of this cd sounds like the worst parts of the last Beautiful Mistake cd without the screaming guy.

In closing if you want a cd that sounds like a second rate Brandtson or Jimmy Eat World then this is for you. Personally, I think a lot of kids will probably buy this, sad as it makes me to think that, just know those of you who didn't will have that 15 bucks for the next Trio cd or Less Than Jake disc.