Don't Look Down - Five (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Don't Look Down

Five (2003)


Don't Look Down's new EP, "Five," is a power-pop punk filled fifteen minutes of fun. That's right, I said it, fun. There's actually not that much to bash with this band. These songs are well produced, they're quick, they're catchy, and they're just good. The band's toured with bands such as Mest, New Found Glory, Sugarcult, The Starting Line, Homegrown, Riddlin Kids, and Simple Plan. If you enjoy those bands, odds are you're going to like this Jersey quartet too. They've been around since 1998 and you can hear a bit of an influence from where they started as a band (doing NOFX and MxPx covers).

There's nothing really bad to say about this album. The vocals draw similarities to the singers from New Found Glory and Midtown. The lyrics are nothing too noticeable, but they're not terribly cliché either. "Undone" has a great thudding bassline to it and it leans more to the punk side for this band. The first four tracks flow really well together. The album ends with an acoustic song entitled "Can You Hear Me?" which is really well written little emo love song. Not a bad effort at all from this band, pick it up for some fun summertime listening.