The Unseen - Explode (Cover Artwork)

The Unseen

Explode (2003)


Listening to the Unseen one could easily think that they were listening to any number of old school punk bands like the Exploited or GBH. It would be easy for me to dismiss them as just another copy cat band feeding off the music of others to line their own pockets, but that was before I listened to the entire album. This album is great it captures the anger and spirit of rebellion that was once prominent in punk. These guys have a fire that comes though their speeding guitar hooks and raw raspy vocals that contain so much hatred and anger in each word.

Songs like Your Failure Is My Revenge which confronts those who try to control others and have never lived in the real world, and Negative Outlook are destined to become pit anthems soon. The rest of the songs just scream hurt, anger, and a desire to make the world around them a better place.

I didn't like the amount of production on this album. I felt that it was too much, especially for this type of music, it gets in the way and tones the songs down some. I think that there are a couple of songs in which a lower production factor would help make them sound even harder, and thus better. Aside from production issues I think this is a great slab of punk especially for those of you who like their music fast and loud.