In Dying Days - To Forget Yesterday (Cover Artwork)

In Dying Days

To Forget Yesterday (2001)

Re-define Records

After much delay, In Dying Days finally have a real record to their own. Maybe all their previous demos and preview CDs were good but they in no way could prepare you for what awaits to be heard on "To Forget Yesterday"... complex, epic, overwhelming, emotional yet crushing; I don't think I could ever find the perfect qualifier for this mini CD. Yeah, a mini CD... it only contains 3 songs, but they're just so good and well written, the experience is almost that of a full length. And what could be said of the album's layout?? Once again I find myself speechless... or maybe not: total Hamilton-style... yeah! If you want to hear the band you can go to their website: Can't wait for their next release, it's only gonna get better!