NOFX - S & M Airlines (Cover Artwork)


S & M Airlines (1989)


If you like amazing guitar riffs and guitar leads than this CD is for you. This is an older NOFX that is similar to the sound in the CD Ribbed. I suggest right away, if you have Ribbed, to pick this one up. It's worth the money.

There are many amazing NOFX songs on this CD including "Day to Daze", Five Feet Under", and "Professional Crastination". All of those songs have great guitar leads and are a more "serious" NOFX style. Most of the other songs on the CD are humorous and give the listener a laugh. Songs such a "Vanilla Sex", "S & M Airlines", "Drug Free America", and "You Drink You Drive You Spill" will make you laugh, while still being amazing, well-written songs. These songs are very well-written, each song with two-guitar parts throughout.

"Life O'Reliy" gives is a great ska song for this CD. It shows the bands diversity, how they can do other styles of music. "Scream For Change" is a great, yet funny song, which features a singer that is supposed to sound like a bum, "Screamin' for Change." "Mean People Suck" is somewhat self-explanitory for the only phrase that is stated throughout the song is "Mean People Suck."

The cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Go your own way" is priceless. Fat Mike comes in singing out of tune, which just fits NOFX perfectly. The guitar lead on this song is amazing. The best lead I've heard from NOFX. If you are a guitarist I suggest you listen to this lead, it's great.

Overall the CD is great and worth its money. The guitar work on these CD's are far better than that of the newer ones, which have more of a "new-school punk" sound.