Henry Rollins / Keith Morris - live in Orlando (Cover Artwork)

Henry Rollins / Keith Morris

live in Orlando (2003)

live show

"I have been waiting to see this, seemingly my entire teenage life...we were going to see the mighty Black Flag"- Henry Rollins.

Save the shit, I know this isnt "Black Flag" but i dont care...tonight i saw BLACK FUCKING FLAG. Another "big" band brought me back to my old enemy, The House Of Blues at "Downtown Disney" (Anyone ever realize that there is no town at Disney, which means the marketing scheme by Disney to create a downtown doesnt even make sense!?). To my surprise, when i walked in....there were hardly any people there, however come 9, that would change drastically.

There would be only one opener, I believe a local band called The Kick, the singer was bald and old...whatever...im not one to stereotype...OH WAIT, YES I AM. This band pretty much blew, they sounded like Ann Beretta, or The Clash. When it comes to bands that sound like other bands, often times i'd rather listen to the other band, this was the case here, i'd be really into these guys if they were the clash. They played a song by The Dead Boys, which was sort of cool, but they still sucked. Worst part of the set was "This goes out to John Entwistle, and Joe Strummer....we're all whores, we're all whores...we're all whores" or something like that. Whatever. This band talked alot about how they hated California, too bad no one cared, except some dude in a Slackers shirt, and another dude in a Joy Division shirt...they were old too.

The legendary "Black Flag" were scheduled to go on at 9, so i jetted upstairs for about 20 minutes to catch some air and what not...when i came back down, to my surprise I saw TONS of people on the floor, I knew this set was gonna slay.

There I was...no music playing, almost dead silent, as the lights dimmed the curtains opened, and the "FUCK YEA!!!!"'s and the "BLACK FUCKING FLAG!!!!!"'s started, you could feel something special. The curtains fully opened and Henry was no where to be found, "Hey! My name's Keith!" was yelled, as the dreadlocked oldtimer jetted right into "Nervous Breakdown" the crowd energy was good at that point, the pit was nice and big, but it was missing a certain something. From there, Keith rushed into the favorite "I've had it", "Gimme Gimme Gimme" and "Depression" as he sang some of his, and the crowd's favorites, he ended with "Revenge".

After the song, Keith threw down the microphone and walked off stage to cheers-a-plenty. The crowd erupted, as everyone knew what to except next, the boys of Rollins band began the intro of "Rise Above" which sent the crowd into a frenzy. Walking onstage like beast of hell, Henry Rollins grabbed the microphone, the look on his face clearly stated "I WILL FUCK YOU UP". The combination of his expression, the song and the fact I was sort of seeing Black Flag gave me chills, I have never felt like that at a show. and The pit to my right was the most violent thing i have ever seen in person, bodies on the floor, punches everywhere, sheer chaos. "Rise Above" was the best song I have ever seen performed live by any band at any time. From there, Hank and the boys blasted into "Thirsty And Misrable" which kept the crowd on-guard, the energy still going. Henry Rollins, after the 4th song have one of the most inspiring speeches I have ever heard in my life:

"Hey, do you all want to be good Americans? I know i want to! Well, being a good American means finding something everyday to disagree with! And try to change it! No matter how fat and weak you get when you grow old, or how fat and weak you are now, don't ever lose your will to confront!"
If Hank Rollins started a nation...I would join his Army. They played "TV Party", "Jealous Again", "Six Pack", "American Waste" and countless others, best song introduction (besides the good american speech) "THIS ONE IS A LOOOOOVE SONG, OH YEAH...HERE COMES A LOOOOOVE SONG, IT'S CALLED SLIP IT IN!"

Obviously, i don't need a closing paragraph to tell you how cool this was...go see the god damn show. It's for a good cause folks, you wont regret it.