Rehasher / Whole Wheat Bread - live in Gainesville (Cover Artwork)

Rehasher / Whole Wheat Bread

live in Gainesville (2003)

live show

It was a dark and stormy night in Gainesville. The trees were whisping in the wind. There was a cool air blowing through the Florida humidity. You could smell the REHASHER in the air.

How was that intro? I want to make this the worst, most campy show review on ever.

Eddie C's is the coolest bar in Gainesville. Only the hippest of the hip are allowed entrance and a dress code is enforced. There was a line around the corner of the building just to catch a glimpse of the rock and roll celebrities inside.

Everyone from Jenna Jameson to Steve Brown (Duncan Yo-Yo World Champion) to Pauly Shore were in attendance at the galla.

Whole Wheat Bread were playing when I finally was allowed into the club. They are a three piece band from Jacksonville and they are quite nifty, to use a bit of slang. Throwing around ballsy guitar riffs and jokes about black heritage ("we're also known as black 182"), the afro-american trio actually had the audience chanting "I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE" It was magical.

Next was One Pump Chump. Unfortunately, my shoe became untied and I was forced to miss their whole set.

Then the glitz and glamor that is Rehasher took the stage by storm. It was like standing up against the wall of a pier and having waves crashing against you. Roger was sporting a crushed velvet top hat and Ryan had on his standard turquoise sequined vest. Behind that veil of flashiness though was a band that just wanted to get their message out. They were succesful in their mission. Jake, despite being tone deaf, rocked the drums as he sang lead vocals for a cover of Cindy Lauper's "I don't want to hear it, please" Gui was bling blingin' as he electrified the stage, although his between song banter about a "mystical magic orb" was slightly disorienting.

If you are intrigued by toaster ovens or the musical stylings of Henry Rollins' spoken word releases, then Rehasher is the band for you.