This Day Forward - Kairos (Cover Artwork)

This Day Forward

Kairos (2002)


This Day Forward have the unique ability to produce these weaving, swirling songs that leave you out of breath, exhausted and spiritually purged. From breakneck moshing chugs, to melodic, delicate sections, This Day Forward certainly know how to squeeze everything from one song.

On this 5 song EP, they continue to grow as a band and explore the more harmonic side of hardcore. The harmonic side of hardcore?! What the F are you talking about dude?! Is there even such a thing? I say after listening to this brilliant release by This Day Forward...YES! These songs have so much raw energy you can feel them like a huge dam holding back a gigantic body of water. The pressure builds, bursting at the seams and then the inevitable happens...the water smashes through the rock and twisted metal creating a violent symphony of noise.

This Day Forward's music is like this. The opening track Kairos has so many musical twists and turns you don't know where you are going with it, all you know is that you've never heard anything like it and you love it dearly. The third track, "Isomorphism" is another example of serenity to brutality. Don't let the lullaby beginning fool you, this is one heavy, hardcore romp. Once again vocalist Mike Shaw displays his incredible range with hush-hush singing and primal screaming. The final song on the EP is worth the price of this alone. "Sunfalls and Watershine" is without a doubt the most creative song I've heard from a hardcore band in years. The question asked to us the listener by This Day Forward is how can we as a sociey change for the better if we are frozen in the current state that we are in? The chunky guitar riffs from Vadim Taver are truly a sound to behold. This song builds slowly as a slow, spoken word, mosh and quickly goes into a dream like melodic breakdown with Thursday's Geoff Rickly helping out on the vocals. With his question, "What's reality anyway?" the band explodes into the insane two minute plus ending with the band screaming and chugging to these sick melodc's nothing like you've heard before and it's easily one of the greatest emotional songs I've heard.

This Day Forward is philosophical, emotional and very heavy I'd recommend them to just about any fan of energetic, brutal yet gentle hardcore.