Die Trying - Die Trying (Cover Artwork)

Die Trying

Die Trying (2003)



Let me start off by saying that this record is utter garbage. But once you get past the fact that the vocalist is pretty much indistinguishable from The Used's frontman, it might actually grow on you - that is, if you let it. Every song on Die Trying's self-titled album is filled to the brim with catchy hooks, melodic choruses, and a tight regiment - and that might work for most people, but I'll be damned if that's gonna sway a music lover like myself.

If you played this record without any cover information or packaging, you wouldn't be able to tell if this was Chevelle, The Used, Socialburn, or any other band for that matter. They have no distinguishing characteristics about them, and that is their complete downfall. No matter how good the songs are constructed, it's all about having at least one -speck- of originality .. and that's something you couldn't pay this band to possess.

Of the 12 tracks on this record, I can count the memorable ones by just referring to the mirror and seeing how many vaginas I have growing from my nose. Now, if that isn't blatant enough for you - let me break it down in lamens: that means a big fat 0.

"Oxygen" sounds like every other radio-friendly alternative metal song you've ever heard in your entire life, and it's pretty uncanny how much it sounds like Socialburn's "Down." "Turn Up the Radio" sounds like it's their attempt at a more serious side, but it ends up sounding like an even worse version of a Puddle of Mudd song (does it even get that bad?) and their attempt at a teen-angst song "Fuck You" is just a regurgitated Good Charlotte song (so, that would make it what .. 4th hand?) mixed with some Lifer - it's utterly ridiculous.

It's pointless to point out every single point of unoriginality that plagues this record, but it really is fun - just like listening to this record -could- be if I weren't so fluent in musical culture these days. This would be the ultimate record for summer had I never heard any other band ever, or if this were just my introduction to this genre of music. The songs are great, but like I said - they suck, especially just because I know where the inspiration for them all originated.

Do yourself a favor and if you -must- listen to this record, prepare for some contemplations afterward. Some of them might go like this: What the fuck am I wasting my time with this shit for? Why did I pay for this? What band is this again? .. The list goes on. As their singer claims in "Dirty, Dirty," he may know what the girls want, and that may be true - but remember, girls and true musical taste don't go together.