Various - Punk-O-Rama 8 (Cover Artwork)


Punk-O-Rama 8 (2003)


For years now, the Punk-O-Rama series has been a staple of the punk community, from the first installments which consisted mostly for years now, the Punk-O-Rama series has been a staple of the punk community, from the first installments which consisted mostly of "skate punk", to it's current state, throwing Blues, Rap and other genres into the mix.

Let me make one thing clear, I HATE song by song reviews, however, i want every song to be represented. Thusly, here is my song by song review...f "skate punk", to it's current state, throwing Emo, Rap and other genres into the mix. This time the label decided to show how much money they have by making it 2 discs, and also affordable

Let me make one thing clear, I HATE song by song reviews, however, i want every song to be represented. Thusly, here is my song by song review.

"I am revenant"- Distillers. Man, The Distillers are overrated. I heard this song a million years ago, and it frankly bores me...hopefully shit will pick up

"Don't Call It A Comeback"- Motion City Soundtrack. Wow, if I lived under a rock and hadn't heard this song a long time ago (the first MCS song i ever heard, due to Scott's mp3s) I would fucking love this song, I still do, but i have a feeling that many people are going to be turned onto this band from this song.

"Trusty Chords"- Hot Water Music. Jesus Christ, why can't they throw in an unreleased song here? I love this song, I love this band, I love their live show...but give me something more that the song I listened to over and over in October.

"As Wicked"- Rancid. Now a days, the best shit Rancid produces is mediocre shit...this is not their best. These guys should have cashed in after ...AOCTW. Not now. Rancid has begun ripping themselves off. "Hey lets write a song that lets everyone know we dont have creativity"- Tim. (Gruff Voice) "Ok, I'll just use the same bass line from Maxwell Murder, everyone's gonna be stoked"- Matt Freeman

New Day- Bouncing Souls. I like these guys, this is a pretty good song, looking forward to the new album now. I'm in their DVD.

"The Greatest Fall" -Matchbook Romance. Oh my fucking god, is this band real? This song contains the lyric "It was the first time in my life I had done something right" By the sounds of this, i think this guy is still batting 000%.

"Idiots are taking over" -NOFX. Hey I like NOFX, alright dudes! I like this song, probably the best one on the new album. Thumbs Up.

"Who We Are" -Bad Religion. Well, guess what, I fucking love Bad Religion, and this song is very very good, same BR sound, but evolving... i'm not sure if this is from the Process Of Belief sessions (I don't think it is) but if it from some sort of new album, its great.

"Trapped In"-Division Of Laura Lee. D.O.L.L.'s contribution to last year's edition did not impress me, being that it was the only song I had ever heard of theirs, I did not like them, although this song is alot better. A Joy Division-esqe vibe and tight musicianship, although the lyrics need a little work.

"Sink Venice"- Ikara Colt. This song is really good. Art punk it seems, sounds like Sonic Youth...somewhat. Thumbs up.

"Sweating Blood"- F-Minus. This song starts off the new F-Minus album and has all of the intensity you would expect from them, makes me wanna beat up Rancid.

"Makeshift Patriot"- Sage Francis. Wow, Atmosphere blows this shit OUTTA THE WATER! This sounds like Everlast, and Everlast still isnt cool. The lyrics to the verse are sort of cool...but still, sounds like Everlast dude.

"A New Morning, Changing Weather"-The (International) Noise Conspiracy. I fucking love this band, this song has been heard by most people so its nothing special...but I am sure people who aren't familiar with the band will dig this.

"Thickfreakness"-The Black Keys. I think it is good that Epitaph is bringing a Blues band to the crowd, this has A Zeppelin feel, cept Zeppelin smokes this shit. This song is OK.

"Welfare Problems"- Randy. Uh, I didn't like this song at all, I bet these guys are from Sweden. That's my guess, this band pretty much blows.

"Unstoppable" Death By Stereo-This is a great song, as you know I loved this album (viewable here) and this should be a good taste of what they are like to people just discovering the band.

"Coup D' Etat"- Refused. Refused are one of my favorite bands ever, so I love this song but why is it on here? Someone gimme the info...not even on an Epitaph album.

"Holidays in the sun"- Pennywise. WOW! What a big departure from the rest of their shit...they are like Fugazi, except BETTER!...not. Pennywise needs to learn to write music, get an eraser dudes, don't use the same tabs every time. "Dude, should we get a new piece of paper to write this song?"- Fletcher "NAH BRAH! lets just use the same notes and rhythm, I'll go write lyrics about corporations!!!" -Jim. "'re still allowing your cds to be distributed through Sony right?"- Me. "Well....yeah! Why?"- Jim "Just checking"- Me.

"Gonna be a blackout"- Dropkick Murphys. This song talks about how cool Boston is, i think, all i hear is Ken Casey taking about how his town has alot of fight. Let me tell you a story: In 1998, My dad and I flew up to Boston for the NCAA Frozen Four (Hockey) and i'm a diehard Michigan fan. Michigan made it into the finals against Boston College. Tickets were scalped for like $1,000. But we kept our tickets, although many Michigan fans did not, seeing at the fleet center was about 19,000 BC fans and about 1,000 UM fans. Well anyway, Michigan won in overtime, and Boston were a bunch of pussies, so the Michigan fans beat up the BC fans, and lots of people got arrested. My point: Boston sucks. Want a review of this song? See the review of the next song.

"Quick Death" -Transplants. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Bird sings the caged i knows- Atmosphere. Well, this shit tears it up I love this song. Atmosphere is the best that Rap has to offer...why is he on here? Is he on Epitaph now? No one told me.

10 more songs to go. Need coffee.

"Incorporeal"- Tiger Army. Yeah, i like Tiger Army ALOT however, since this is on "Tiger Army II" its overplayed in my book, and I assume to many others.

"Train of flesh"- Turbonegro. I usually love Turbonegro, but this just is not up to par with previous Turbonegro still better than most other shit.

"Contribution"- Guttermouth. No, just fucking no.

"Bowmore"- Millencollin. I'm calling them some shit, first of all, what is with some of their song titles? Most of them dont make sense, there is no artistic merit, there are no hidden meanings, they are just stupid. This song is ok, it sounds like you would expect.

"The Ocean Song"- This song is not very good, whats with this band?

"Warpath"- Bombshell Rocks. I just fell asleep during this song. Maybe because its late, maybe because its fucking boring...yep the second one.

"Get this one right"- Raised Fist. These guys sound like the type of guys who are all tough and big...but are really just pussies who wont touch you. This song is OK.

"Lose Another Friend"- No Fun At All. If these guys changed their name to "No Talent At All" i'd dig them for their honesty.

"Roll Around"- U.S. Bombs. Just what you would expect from these punkers, you'll probably like it if you like this type of music.

"Shattered Faith"- Bad Religion. I still fucking love Bad Religion, this song is also great, BR is still growing...i dont get it either. Can't wait for new shit.

"Quick Death Remix"- Transplants. Ok, im gonna be honest here: I'm listening to Fugazi now, no fucking way am i listening to a remix of an already shitty song. Im sure "Skinhead Rob" would like to think his "Rhymes" beat out "Repeater"...but no go Rob...sorry.

Ok, there you have it, 2 discs of somewhat interesting music. The first disc is way better, and the second falls apart after the first few songs. I would suggest you get this, being it is so cheap...and there are A LOT of songs. You're bound to find a good one, I found a few, although I also found the Transplants.