Vanilla Muffins - The Drug Is Football (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Vanilla Muffins

The Drug Is Football (2003)

Knock Out/Cargo

Besides making chocolate and fine watches, what do they do in Switzerland? Apparently they also obsess over soccer and listen to the Ramones a lot. "The Drug Is Football" is full of upbeat, catchy, sing along punk.

I think that if the Ramones were an Oi band then they'd sound something like this. I guess the vocals are really what make me think of the Ramones, the style and the tone just seem really similar at times. The whole band provides vocals on the songs, making you want to join in. I'm the type of person who usually needs their music have some level of urgency, and this certainly doesn't have that. However, this is just fun music, it sounds like a fitting soundtrack for driving around in the summer. These guys don't meddle with any serious subject matter here.

You won't find any biting social commentary from this band, instead expect some songs at soccer (football to them), beer, soccer, friends, soccer, well you get the idea. This isn't the least bit challenging, but it is a nice break from all the technical music I've found in my CD player lately. The only real problem I have with this is that it tends to become a bit repetitive after a while. The songs all pretty much have the same vibe and same style, so after a few listens you start to wish they'd add another dimension to their sound.

Bottom line: this isn't rocket science; this is just fun punk rock. The band's press release was more challenging than the CD itself. If you want something serious or relevant to our times, look elsewhere. But if you, like the band, are just looking for a good time then you should give this a listen

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