Cadillac Blindside - Read The Book, Seen The Movie (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Cadillac Blindside

Read The Book, Seen The Movie (2000)

Soda Jerk

One of their song titles is "Just Pull The Trigger." I couldn't agree more. This CD is so derivative of every emo band out there right now. Is there any reason for a band like this to exist? I mean, it's not even remotely original. Every song seems to fall into the mid-tempo emo-rock vein, and each song just plods along. The lyrics are nothing if not stereotypically "emo", and the song titles? Gimme a break. "Fashion Before Function." "Milemarker 92." "At Wit's End." This CD just screams sweaters and horn-rimmed glasses. Buddy Holly, anyone? I wish there was something nice I could say about this band, since they seem like nice people, but I just can't get anything to come out. Heck, they're even pretty boring live [all except for their drummer, who was fun to watch -- I've never seen anyone throw that much energy into pounding the skins -- kudos]. Kids, please pass on this. Go to the source of the water, not the spot where all the streams slam into each other and create a mess.

[taken from A different kind of greatness webzine]