A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies - My Smile, Her Corpse (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies

My Smile, Her Corpse (2003)

Dressed to Kill

Death Notices

TOM • the basic role player of singing-to-screaming-and-back-again. Such vocals were underproduced, consequentially representing what many believe should be the true values of punk nonetheless. Occasional verses growled entirely, a lá Avenged Sevenfold. Lyrics show consistent approach in the death of heart-breaking girls. Services will be held at the Saetia School for Screamo Students.

JUDSON • passed while composing another spectacular riff. Stirred brain endorphins with intricate introductions and head-bobbing triads. Enjoyed exploring the fret board and keeping attention spans intact. Shiva will be sat at Teppei Teranshini's house.

COLIN • appropriately played follow-up basic chords to complex leads. Despite simplicity, necessity was just, because even series of power chords provides balance to a piece. Filled in rhythm niche while relatively complicating normally unadorned sounds. A wake will be held near a notable cemetery.

MIKEY B. • manned the four-string duties. Whereas nothing inexplicably noteworthy made its presence felt frequently, he seemed to improve upon the Matt Freeman process of scales. Liked to shift from one bookend of the pitch range to the other despite avoiding solos. A consecration of his ashes will take place.

SAM • crashing symbols and helping dictate structures ended his being. An occasional staccato approach in keeping the pace fluid, littered with everyday backbeats. Friends said he was "nothing special but always did his job right." No funeral plans were made at press time.