Dead Kennedys - In God We Trust Inc. EP (Cover Artwork)

Dead Kennedys

In God We Trust Inc. EP (1981)

New Rose Records

As far as I am concerned the Dead Kennedys are the pioneers of hardcore punk music. It's hard to believe that while The Clash was just starting to make a splash these guys were also starting to come around. They may have not have been as huge as The Clash, but that definitely isn't a bad thing.

Now time for the review of this EP... 'In God We Trust Inc.' is short and sweet.

The first track 'Religious Vomit' is nice fast punk song. Doesn't really leave any lasting impression musically. But lyrically it's very powerful.

'Moral Majority' starts with a type of gospel televangelist intro. Which sounds great and melodic. Then when you just realize this isn't DK style, these four Bay Area natives decide to just rock your face off. Jello sounds exceptionally pissed off in this song. One of the best on the EP.

'Hyperactive Child' is a short track that gets its point across quite well.

'Kepone Factory' is a great song about the side effects of working in a chemical factory. Just some more of that Jello dark humor that we've grown to love.

'Dog Bite' is definitely lacking lyrically. But it's a fun, fast punk song. And there's nothing wrong with that.

'Nazi Punks Fuck Off' Here the guys show off their hate for, yes, you guessed it, Nazi Punks. Great song.

'We've Got a Bigger Problem Now' The best track on the EP. Now, if you liked 'California Uber alles' off of their debut album, then you will love this remake. The song starts off with a short of lounge act style. Incase you didn't learn your lesson from 'Moral Majority' the guys decide to change it back up to that good ol' fashioned hardcore style. Excellent song.

'Rawhide' is a cover of an old classical western themed song. DK adds their own special little touch to it. Jello singing with his cowboy accent adds some humor.

Like I said before this EP is short and sweet. It definitely has some shining moments. A great follow up to 'Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables'