7 Seconds - Scream Real Loud (Cover Artwork)

7 Seconds

Scream Real Loud (2000)


Wanted:A penultimate representation of what a live CD is and should be. It must be a CD that catches the band at its zenith, their prime. In short, a CD which perfectly capures an undeniable spirit and will.

Experience: More is better. The more tour experience, the better. Additional experience in the hardcore scene is desired.

Specifics: Must be willing to work for over 25 songs, keep a crowd totally enraptured, respond to the needs of the crowd. Also, must be engaging to listen to on CD, causing listener to truly believe he/she is at the concert with their eyes closed.

Singer: Must have lungs in reasonably good order, scream out lyrics with total rawness, and admit failings, faults and get crowd completely involved in the moment. Lyrics must be witty, smart, honest, and say something. Positivity is a bonus.

Bassist: Must be able rock out, serving as backdrop for the guitar. Precision is a neccesity.

Guitarist: Must have a CPM (chords per minute) speed of 400,000. Precision, also is required in this field.

Drums: Must be able to work non-stop for long periods of time with little chance to stop of slow down, with as much energy in the last 5 minutes as the first 5.

Group Dynamics: Should be perfect.

Other factors: Nothing less than perfect production is considered.

Send all applications to Side One Dummy Records.