The Locust/ Toys That Kill - Live In Orlando (Cover Artwork)

The Locust / Toys That Kill

Live In Orlando (2003)

live show

This show will probably end up being the most unpredictable show I have ever been to.

The six o' clock start time resulted in a half full Social when the first band of the night Le George Lengrad (I think that is the spelling) took the stage. This French Canadian 4-piece was like nothing I had seen before; the lead singer (I guess) was dressed in A pink prom dress, and would not let her face to be shown, instead opting to push her hair forward. On The Keyboard was a lady dressed like a beauty queen. The Drummer wore a white button down shirt, open of course. While his face was adorned with a zorro-esqe mask. The strangest of all was certainly the bassist (although they switched instruments quite frequently) as he was dressed in a suit, with a huge mask on, which I won't even attempt to describe. You kids always bitch about how I don't talk about the music…so here it is.

They played (not surprisingly) some of the strangest music I have ever heard, speaking not a word of English, they successfully set off my "what the fuck?" sensors. You know all of those weird ass parts of Pixies songs? It was like that… except for 20 minutes. Slow, intricate beats dragged on as the singer laid down her French vocals, and often times the drummer would give his best opera voice. I didn't enjoy this band's music, but I did enjoy the set simply because I had seen nothing like it before.

Next up was San Diego's Kill Me Tomorrow, this three piece had a weird set-up, Drummer in the front middle, standing up, facing right, bassist on the left into the drummer and guitarist facing the drummer's back. Oddly enough, Kill Me Tomorrow sounded just like the first band! Slow, simple and at some points interesting, they had little stage energy and did not speak in French, which made the first band cool. I may have enjoyed them if they did not follow Le George Lengrad or if I didn't see them live. Unfortunately, their live set was boring.

Next up was Toys That Kill. Now at this show of unpredictability, the most unpredictable thing of the night was the fact that a band that was totally predictable played! Pop-punk resembling a more poppy version of Dillinger Four ran through the speakers as the crowd stared blankly, as Toys That Kill were greeted with little applause after each song. While I have enjoyed their studio releases in the past, this live show has tarnished their image in my mind. They looked like they were having fun, and I wish the crowd was into them more, unfortunately their live show left a lot to be desired.

After about a 15 minute delay, the 4 bug costume-clad and apparently starved guys known as the Locust graced the Social's stage and wasted no time, going right into "Earwax Halo Manufactured For The Champion In All Of Us". To be honest, I was disappointed in the crowd's reaction, with such fast and energetic music as the soundtrack to the mosh pit, only a handful of street punks and skater boys were jumping in there. The stories I have heard about Locust shows in the past and in different cities had built up my hopes for a energetic crowd, however the crowd seemed too scared to do something. The band was probably the tightest and most talented band i have ever seen live, with each member posessing a control over their instrument not seen in many musicians. The Locust played about 25 minutes, drawing songs from all of their full lengths, including a good number from their Epitaph debut "Plague Soundscapes". The band refrained from speaking too much, limiting themselves to only "You made a good choice coming here, you saw some good bands" until the last song. They played the intro to "Moth Eaten Deer Head" to which the crowd erupted, and at the point of picking up in the song, they stopped and Justin said "This will be out last number" and played another song. The crowd was pretty bummed. If the crowd were into this like they should have been, it would have been a 9, sadly they were not, so 6 it is.

I'd have to say that going to a Locust show is an experience that you probably don't want to miss.

Merch highlights include: stickers with "Anything Jesus Can Do, I Can Do Better" and "Get off the cross, the wood is needed" on it. Also, bars of soap, belt buckles and assorted things are also on sale. A free booklet is given out mocking Christian ministries' pamphlets, mocking Mr. Brett and Epitaph that is not to be missed.