Cro(w)s - Durty Bunny (Cover Artwork)


Durty Bunny (2002)

Crows & Pawns

I like Hot Water Music. I like fast paced melodic punk. If there was only a way to combine the two, then maybe I will be filled with content in my happy place. I guess Chuck Wollard (of HWM fame) heard my cries and him along with some of Gainesville, FL's all-stars (Bill Clower and James Ross of Radon, Kaleb Stewart of As Freinds Rust) have constructed "Durty Bunny": a dark, crusty yet catchy and melodic record for all to enjoy.

Formerly known as The Sheryl Cro(w) Mags, Cro(w)s stop at nothing to win the listener over with it's opening track "There's Nothing Wrong," a simple punk rock song that makes you want to shout at the end of the track: "THERE"S NOTHING WRONG, NOTHING!!!." "Waiting For The Bleeding," "Live and Let Go", and "Everyday Revisted" brings me back to the earlier days of HWM when they had the indie/hardcore/punk sound as their own. "Everyday Revisted" also has some harmonica playing there for all you "I got the blues" fans. Hey and don't think Chris can't help you with selling some records. "#1 Hit" advises all those people that want to make it big to get a haircut, change your image, and shake that ass. I don't know if I'll listen to this advice but the Cro(w)s definitely can make me shake that ass with that tune.

The production here is what you expect when you see Rob McGregor's name on the credits: crusty but fill with spirit. Chris' vocals are at their best, shouting and yelling for the music to catch up with him. And indeed it does especially with Bill Clower's drumming skills. Don't forget that another HWM member makes his present known in this record with back-up vocals. If you've guessed Chuck Ragan, then give yourself an Oreo. Finally the cover art best describes the band with pictures of crows. Unfortunately, no dirty bunny pictures. Sorry bunny addicts.

Overall, if you're looking for old HWM mixed in with some old Bad Religion or just want to hear a good ol' fashion punk rock record, then look no further. "Durty Bunny" can give you what your punk rock side yearns for. And at the end of the eleventh track, you'll be begging for more. I know I did.