Starlight Mints - Built on Squares (Cover Artwork)

Starlight Mints

Built on Squares (2003)

PIAS America

Ever had that dream where you wake up and can't really remember what you dreamt but really want to remember and you spend the entire day thinking about the dream and try to describe it to everybody that you come in contact with and still cannot find the right words to describe it?

Yeah, that is kinda like the Starlight Mints.

I remember my dream that I had a few nights ago, it seems to be a reoccurring one in which cellos and violins seem to replace guitars and drums. Where the vocals seem to hover above the ground and then they sink to the shore if only to take a few deep breathes.

And later on in the dream I become reminded of previous bands like the Pixies and the Flaming Lips. Not too similar or obvious, but there for all to see and wonder. And even some old Radiohead blends into the mix along with Beck and I start to wonder why I am listening to a band that has similarities to two bands that I do not like, but I continue because they are good at what they do.

Further into the dream I can hear the guitars and drums, which bounce in and out with the lead singer trying to shout. Screaming and singing about Black Cats, Irene, San Diego and Jimmy Cricket. Yelping made-up words if only to rhyme with the previous one and quietly whispering songs about Jack and the Squares.

I am interrupted midway through with ooh's and ahh's a plenty. A female sings desperately in the background trying to catch up with the lead if only to disappear in the mist.

One song jumps to the other without any hesitation or forgiveness. Each moment feels different from the next yet I can't help feeling like I have been here before. Xylophones jump in right when I feel vulnerable and the bassist moves me farther away as if to let me know that I am safe. I feel like there are a Zillion Eyes upon me and they wont go away until the night has come to an end.

And then I wake up, covered in musical sweat and wonder what had I just dreamt. Was it a dream? Was it a metaphor for something I have not yet experienced? Or could it all be interpreted as random thoughts thrown together in hopes to eventually make sense?

I don't know. I can't really figure out the right words. But it's good. It's pretty good.