GuFF - The GuFF is a Disaster (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


The GuFF is a Disaster (2003)

Go Kart

GuFF is like that band that really impressed you at the local punk show back when you were 14. They were fast, gritty, had catchy melodies, and could play their instruments. You didn't notice or mind the silly teenage-troubles lyrics or the nails-on-a-chalkboard rhymes like "You think you're being cool / but you look like a fool" and "You're so much like me / Why can't you see."

When I first popped this EP in player, I had high hopes. "Responsibility Pays" starts it off with warp-speed punk in the vein of what used to be dubbed the "Fat Wreck sound", but GuFF was a little rougher around the edges, they weren't as clean. This is not necessarily a bad thing- after all, it's punk rock. But then the raspy vocals came in and I almost laughed, because the guy sounds like he's trying a little too hard to punk; either that or he really trashed his vocal chords in some way. I would like this stuff more with different vocals, because the music is decent pop-punk, with some impressive parts among the expected riffs.

So GuFF do have some things going for them, and there are some catchy bits in here I must admit. "Faith" would be my pick for best track with it's pushing palm muting in the verses and its sing-along chorus. GuFF also appear to be very hard working, touring frequently and releasing a lot in a short time, including a full length due out soon on Go Kart. They've got more street cred than the Simple Plans, so if you like pop punk with more of an edge than the MTV crowd, these guys may be for you. But if you are over 14, don't read the lyrics in the booklet.