The Explosion - Sick Of Modern Art (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Explosion

Sick Of Modern Art (2003)


The Explosion has been through a lot in their rather short existance. They went from a rather large indie [in Revelation Records] to an even larger indie [in Jade Tree], being contractually screwed along the way. They recorded a critically acclaimed full-length [that I've never even heard, so don't ask me about comparisons], toured quite a bit, and then abruptly broke up [or so the rumors go]. Somehow they decided to reunite and lay these five tracks to wax [er, plastic] and put it out on the significantly smaller indie Tarantulas Records. So what does all this add up to?

Well, to paraphrase the band, they're sick of modern art.

These five songs leap out of my speakers with the ferocity reminiscent of the first time I heard "Clash City Rockers." It's lo-fi, it's raw, it's anthematic, and if this isn't punk rock than frankly I just give up.

Admittedly these songs are rough around the edges, which is one reason that this EP took a *long* time to grow on me. But my patience paid off, and now I have as much fun pogoing in my chair as I'm sure I would seeing them live in concert.

There's not really much no-frills punk rock I like to keep around in my collection, but the Explosion has made the cut [as I'm sure they have for many an aging indie rocker across the globe]. Definitely worth your time.

Stream the EP here.