Polysics - Neu (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Neu (2003)

Asian Man

CDs like these are why I absolutely adore Asian Man Records. Polysics are so absolutely mind-blowingly unique that I can't think of a single label who would take this on, knowing it has no potential of selling more than a handful of copies. But Mike Park believe in the healing power of the rock music, and Polysics are definitely healing me as I sit here, dumbfounded by the music eminating from this disc.

The only way I can possibly describe this is maybe a mixture of Devo with your favorite nu-garage band [let's take the Hives], and add in some absolutely bizarre vocal and instrumental changes ala the Blood Brothers.

If you think it sounds fucked up, it does. If you think it's some sort of glorious trainwreck, it is. But if you think it doesn't work, you're sorely mistaken. To steal a line from a review I read of the band's first US full-length, Hey! Bob! My Friend! - " This is punk Japanese math-rock playing Gameboy on a steady dose of uppers."

The strangest thing is this - Polysics are on a major label in Japan. Even stranger is the fact that this very album came out over 2 years ago in their homeland, and they've put out 2 or 3 records since then. If this was their debut, I can only imagine just how insane the Polysics are now.

Hopefully I won't have to imagine for much longer.