K-Line - Lessons Learned (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Lessons Learned (2003)

Does Everyone Stare?

K-Line, a UK band, is a very US sounding with a style like Good Riddance meets early Fugazi, and other influences ranging from other US bands like Black Flag and Dag Nasty. They add a bit of British flair, with the vocal sound putting a bit of the accent onto an Ian Macaye singing style.

The songs vary quite a bit in tempo, which is good; this can be a pitfall for hardcore bands. The songs also add a catchy melody here and there like the "Nobody pick up that phone" repeated line in "Down Around" and the siren-like background woo-oo-oos in the opener " Worth More Than a Name." They also have there share of screaming and intense vocals, especially in the high speed "Dead Inside."

The music is solid gritty punk in a hardcore vein, which sounds good on the CD, yet not-overproduced. The last two tracks, rereleased tracks from their first demo, drop the sound quality down a bit. We can give them a break though- it's just a demo- and they maintain the edge and energy, the only real big problem being the lack of bottom end.

While the disc is solid in musicianship and is well executed punk, it's ground that had been covered, and well covered. K-Line should keep it up, but perhaps broaden a bit and discover their own sound.