Giving Chase - Nothing Ever Changes (Cover Artwork)
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Giving Chase

Nothing Ever Changes (2003)

Jump Start

Many times when I first listen to an album I've been sent for review, it takes a backseat to what I'm doing at the time. It's rare that anything completely commands my attention on the first listen. This EP did just that. In fact, within two listens I was screaming and singing along and playing air guitar like a complete idiot (this is made even more pathetic by the fact that there was an actual guitar sitting a mere two feet from me at the time). Eastern Pennsylvania has produced some very good or even great bands, but State College isn't known for much of anything aside from shitty weather and football fanaticism.

Giving Chase is set to change that. Borrowing from Kid Dynamite, Jawbreaker, and Lifetime but also having a style of their own, they play some dynamic, melodic hardcore. Michael Woliansky's vocals stand out here, as his ability to provide throat ripping screams or sung vocals adds to this bands ability to convey exactly how they are feeling through their music. His singing style is very distinct and recognizable, which is another very good asset that will help set this band apart from the pack. . Most of the EP of played at a fairly fast pace, with some guitar shredding riffs, but the last few songs slow things down a bit. At times I'm reminded of the more melodic songs on Boy Sets Fire's "After the Eulogy" such as on the song "Love Alive", definitely not an unfavorable comparison, especially considering how much I enjoy "After the Eulogy".

I don't remember the last time I was so moved by a band upon just discovering them. Everything here is exactly what I'd want in a band, including the lyrics: "You're running out of time, salvation across the yellow line, grind the pedal down, let this technology be your reformatory, a pine box prosthesis, this dashboard Jesus tattooed to your chest, and heartbeats and horse hooves, this flowing metal vein, but when there's no one around, to see your walls coming crumbling down, would you make a sound?" ("Autogeddon") there's some pretty intense imagery here, and the band makes sure you can feel every word.

I really try to avoid fawning over a release like I'm doing here, but in this case I will make an exception. This EP is damned good and this band deserves every bit of positive attention they can get.