The Forgotten - Keep The Corpses Quiet (Cover Artwork)
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The Forgotten

Keep The Corpses Quiet (2000)


Actually obtaining this CD was half the battle. Maybe the record stores in my area are just horrible, or maybe TKO needs to get their distribution fixed. It's a shame that this involved some mail order to get; not promoting an album that kicks this much ass is a crime.

The Forgotten's second release for TKO Records is amazing. The band plays old school, working class street punk. They wear their hardcore and Oi influences on their sleeves; you can hear elements of The Boils, the Business, The Exploited and GBH. Modern comparisons could be made to Rancid's latest album as well. The band doesn't step too far outside these musical boundaries, but they don't need to. The Forgotten have truly mastered their craft and have written some of the most powerful and catchy anthems I've heard in years.

Lyrically the band aims their weapons at several targets. Organized religion, politicians, the US military, Capitalism AND Socialism; the Forgotten's anger is so potent because it's properly directed. There are too many bands that are angry by design, not for any reason. The Forgotten tackle real social issues, bluntly making their point with each song. Gordy's vocals are gruff without sounding overly harsh, in the same vein as Rancid or The Exploited. Craig, the guitarist, pulls out some amazing hooks.

"Corpses" is much harder then their doubt. The song writing is better and the songs are generally faster. The sound is really raw and there is just enough production to complement the band, not overwhelm it. Check out the title track, as well as "Revolutionary," "Genocide," and "Get Out," this band will kick your ass. This is some great in-no-way-pop punk.

This is going to be in my player for a long time. I highly recommend this, there is very little to criticize. My only problem is that after tearing through a half hour, the album seems short. This band is releasing an EP in 2001 on Cyclone Records, be sure to look for it when it's released.