Warped Tour 2003 - live in Orlando (Cover Artwork)

Warped Tour 2003

live in Orlando (2003)

live show

The Orlando date of the 2003 warped tour was already better than the 2002 version before it started. Last year's stop was at the dreadful Orlando Speedworld which was the worst place I've ever been to. So with this year's being back at the Central Florida Fairgrounds where it belongs was a step up.

The first band I saw was Brand New. They played a very solid set balanced with new and older songs with highlights including "Seventy Times 7" and "Guernica." Overall I was very impressed and would definitely want to see them again.

After Brand New finished up I made my way towards the main stage where the Mad Caddies greeted me by playing "The Gentleman." They played songs from every cd including "Mary Melody" "Drinkin for 11'" "Monkeys" "Sad Reggie (I think)" and closed the set with "Road Rash." Very Cool.

Next up on the other main stage was the guy everyone worships on this website (andrew wk.) The highlight of his set was when Poison the Well was tuning their instruments and played the beginning to party hard.

I was right up front for Poison The Well when they played after AWK, and they really surprised me. I like their Opposite of December CD but I'm not really big into hXc screamo/whatever music. I also heard that PTW sucked live but they didn't...they also played a balanced set of old and new and their highlights included "Artists Rendering of Me" and "Nerdy." There I mentioned them.

Simple Plan was next on the other stage...I didn't wanna lose my spot up front but I was listening to some of their set from the other stage and the singer tried to follow up PTW by sounding hXc I guess...Oh yeah they covered "American Jesus" and I'm sure everyone knows how that goes. They closed with "I'd do Anything" which is a harmless catchy poppy punk song that I admit to liking. (minus punk points)

Even before Simple Plan totally finished their set, the crowd began to chant "LESS THAN JAKE." Yes, one of the two main bands I had to see was playing next. This was my 7th time and they were true to form. All the songs they played were Losing Streak and after, but that was ok. Seeing them for the 7th time is just as amazing as the 1st. They never disappoint.

The Starting Line was next, I kinda like them too (minus more punk points) but I didn't want to lose my spot real close to the front for the next band. I heard their set and some of the songs included "Best Of Me" and "Up and Go."

I had to be up front for the Suicide Machines. Why? Because their the best live band around, the most energetic, and whenever they play live they play mostly the songs from the best CD in the world, Destruction By Definition. They played songs from every album though. I can't say enough good about these guys, if you get the chance to see them you shouldn't miss out. They are insane. The Braveheart and Reverse Braveheart was crazy, and I got the mic right in my face during "SOS." Best band on this tour...right next to LTJ.

After the Suicide Machines I could leave happy. I missed some of the bands I would have liked to see but won't lose sleep over it...the last hour I was there I caught some of Glassjaw, Thrice, and the All American Rejects. Thrice rules but I was too far back and they'll be back soon I'm sure. I did miss out on Dropkick Murphys, AFI and the Ataris because I had to leave early (minus 2 stars) but this years warped tour was easily miles above 2002.