The Reason - Problems Associated With Running (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Reason

Problems Associated With Running (2003)

Lonely Tree

There are a lot of these bands. I'm telling the truth when I tell you that as I was writing this review someone sent us news about a new "melodic hardcore band with a sound similar to Thursday, A Static Lullaby, etc." I'm sure that by the end of the evening we'll have yet another submission in our inbox with the same description, instead this time namedropping The Used or Taking Back Sunday. As I'm typically impatient and often outright hostile towards records in this vein it surprises me that I don't have many bad things to say about "Problems Associated With Running."

The Reason's past as light hearted Ramones styled pop punk Sewing With Nancie is likely what saves them from the doldrums of becoming another boring "sounds like Thursday" act. As with other bands in this style that I like, they provide just enough speed and muscle to keep the band's energy from sagging. Songs like "Tortoise" and "150" definitely show promise and decent songwriting. Instrumentally there are plenty of interesting moments and concepts throughout the EP.

The problem with The Reason's debut is it may have come too late to make much of an impact. I'm convinced I could make you a mix tape of all the melodic hardcore / emo songs we're told about in a given month and you wouldn't be able to tell the bands apart. While The Reason is better than a lot of generic stuff I hear, they still sound like a band trying to find it's niche. For a debut EP, that's not too bad a position to be in.

The Reason should be well embraced by the Ontario scenes that propped up bands like Grade, Moneen or Alexisonfire. Like so many young groups that are playing this style, they've got an uphill battle to distinguish themselves from their ever-multiplying contemporaries.