Various - Deep Elm Unreleased No. 2 (Cover Artwork)
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Deep Elm Unreleased No. 2 (2003)

Deep Elm

When I reviewed volume 1 of this series a year ago, I commented on just how wonderful the basic idea of this compilation was - a label puts out a CD of only unreleased tracks from their bands. It's definitely a "fans-only" release, but at the same time, one could argue that some of these bands' best material is appearing on these compilations. Unreleased No. 2 is no different, including the following bands:
01. The White Octave - "A Chinese Character"
02. Cross My Heart - "Complications"
03. Benton Falls - "Occupied For Now"
04. The Appleseed Cast - "The Spider Wall"
05. Walt Mink - "Downright Presidential"
06. Drive Til Morning - "Tell Me A Story"
07. David Singer - "A Mercenary Love Song"
08. Race Car Riot - "Discontinued"
09. Camber - "Lantern Circle"
10. Slowride - "This Train"
Once again I get frustrated with the only 10 songs limit, as there's only a half hour of music on here. Then again, being this short makes the disc easier to digest, so I guess there's always a plus side to everything.

So out of all the unreleased material, David Singer takes home the medal for "best song" with "A Mercenary Love Song" [which reminds me of "Always Something There To Remind Me" every time I hear it's opening]. Other highlights on here include super-old songs from the now-defunct Walt Mink and Cross My Heart, as well as a fuzz-rock Appleseed Cast gem. The only song that just rubs me the wrong way is Drive Til Morning's "Tell Me A Story," but if you read my review of their most recent full-length you would have expected that.

Deep Elm claims that this CD isn't supposed to be a sampler, but in the end, that's what most every compilation turns into [especially a label-exclusive one such as this]. The beauty of this CD is that, if you like the unreleased song so much, you're almost bound to enjoy the band's released material even more.

Benton Falls - Occupied For Now

The White Octave - A Chinese Character
Cross My Heart - Complications
The Appleseed Cast - The Spider Wall
Walt Mink - Downright Presidential