Bright Eyes - Fevers And Mirrors (Cover Artwork)

Bright Eyes

Fevers And Mirrors (2000)

Saddle Creek

Who likes Dashboard Confessional? Who thinks Elliott Smith and Modest Mouse are indie rock's best? Who's prepared to be blown away? To those who answered yes, I introduce to you Conor Oberst. I have been following Conor and his band of heart broken minstrels through 4 CD's, and "Fevers And Mirrors," is their best to date.

To those unfamiliar with Bright Eyes, most of their work is Conor and his acoustic guitar but with "Fevers and Mirrors," they branch out and use eclectic intruments as well as the basic rock set.

While the music on this album is nothing less than phenomenal, the real focus are the lyrics. For example: "I dragged your ghost across the country and we plotted out my death and every city would whisper, 'Here is where you rest...'" This stuff is so honest and so direct and so hard hitting it shouldn't be passed up next time you visit the record store. The lyrics continue on like this throughout the entire record painting a bleak and disturbing picture that will keep you up at night.

This album made me so paranoid (I was reading "Farewell To Arms" at the same time) that I barely left my room for a whole weekend. It is truly amazing and it is an experience and a look at the human condition and it is beautifully disturbing.