The Lawrence Arms/None More Black/Colossal - live in Danbury, CT (Cover Artwork)

The Lawrence Arms / None More Black / Colossal

live in Danbury, CT (2003)

live show

You know those little packets of peanuts on airplanes? They're way too small. And often too salty. You'd think a bigger packet would be offered. I wonder if people in business and first class get bigger packets. They probably do.

I got to the show just in time, having missed the three opening local/lesser known bands. Apparently, one of the bands was comprised of fourteen year olds playing Blink-182 covers. It was their first show too. I might've liked to see that, but it probably wouldn't have been worth it. The band up next was Colossal, who I had some expectations for since Rob Kellenberger of Slapstick/Tuesday fame was drumming. They definitely did not disappoint and were a good opening band. One of the guitarists played the trumpet every now and then, which reminded me a little of Cap'n Jazz. I'm guessing the band is from Chicago, so it would only make sense. The best thing about Colossal was seeing Neil from the Lawrence Arms rocking out on his set along with Rob. Good job, fellows. Colossal fit well on this bill, and I would tell you to be sure to catch them, but this tour's nearly over. Next time.

None More Black was next, and you could say I was a little excited since I'd be seeing ¼ of Kid Dynamite. Singer/guitarist Jason Shevchuk asked for the sound on all the instruments to be turned up all the way, so you know he wanted to rock. Totally. Once the sound was set, they ripped into "Everyday Balloons" and didn't stop there. They played most of the songs from their album "File Under Black," and it would have been a great set if it wasn't for the lack of people in attendance and the energy they exuded. Sometimes a small show is nice, but this was bad. I blame the people of the Danbury area for not appreciating good music. None More Black closed with "Dinner's For Suckers," which led to one guy rocking the fuck out while everyone else watched him. I talked to the guy afterwards. Nice guy.

The Lawrence Arms. I'd wanted to see them for a while and my wish finally came true. I'm a real boy [that's right, a Pinocchio reference]. Once they took the stage, I could hardly contain my excitement. I shit right there, as I am often prone to do. Again, not enough people came to this show and put a damper on the situation, but I enjoyed the set nonetheless. Hearing Brendan Kelly's banter was worth the ticket price alone. I wasn't sure if he was drunk, and I don't think he was too sure of it himself. They played all the songs I expected them to play, except "Navigating The Windward Passage" and "The Corpses of Our Motivations." Those tunes would have been welcome additions to their set, but I'm not complaining. Actually, I am. Play those songs next time, please. The closer "Nebraska" rocked my hat off, and I wasn't even wearing a hat. I must reiterate that the crowd should have gotten more into the set. My friend, a handful of other people, and I were the only people singing along and spastically pumping our fists in the air. I stop complaining about the crowd now. Crowd participation aside, this was one heck of a show you wouldn't want to miss, so catch these ramblin' boys of pleasure when they hit your town.

Lawrence Arms set list:
Presenting: The Dancing Machine
An Evening Of Extraordinary Circumstance
The First Eviction Notice
Porno and Snuff Films
100 Resolutions
Hesitation Station (new)
Right As Rain
Quincentuple Your Money
Another new one
Boatless Booze Cruise