Halifax - Start Back at Start (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Start Back at Start (2003)


Hello, and welcome to Halifax Airlines. This is your pilot and captain Brian speaking and I'll be directing you through the derivative turbulence in today's roundtrip flight, scheduled to land at 38:08 starting back at start.

If you take a gander at your respective flight manuals, it may actually somewhat deter from your experience. The girl-on-the-cover standard is one we hoped not to start or continue, but she will only make one more appearance inside. Turning the page, instructions are not included either, so please pardon the pun, but you may have to "wing it." We are a reasonably comprehensible business.

We ask that you refrain from wearing your seatbelts during takeoff. Rather, "get up, get moving." But please be advised that it is our top recommendation that you take careful notice of the first example of the lyrics in "Our Last Dance." At Halifax, it is in our best interest to write about relationships in the pop-punk you love, yet keeping it subtle enough so your passenger sickness bag is not completely filled from vomit-inducing mnemonic pandering.

If you look to your left, you may notice the Taking Back Sunday Influence. This soon-to-be-staple of modern culture plants its roots in this company. The Airline is based in California, yet is a nation-wide reaching company and expands its bases all the way to Long Island for ideas. We are happy to implement the uptempo, old Brand New-esque pogo-ing to satisfy our frequent fliers.

On your right, you will see the Matchbook Romance Rock Hill. The Hill was formerly The Getaway, before being ever-so-slightly corroded by screaming, and used its technique of yelling for more subtle purposes; the spreading out, occasionally-used emotion coupled with the basic chord progressions worked well for its tourists, and now works well for Halifax in those respects. Our attempt in striving for the best use of subtle, occasionally-used screaming by non-traditional bands from non-core groups, is to replicate Rx Bandits Airways.

Our flight attendants are here for your help as well. You may notice some occasionally amazing vocal similarities, or at the very least, copying their patterns and styles in the perfect ways! In a "Shootout," our staff member Jason Calleiro, whom you may know of Glasseater's 7 Years Bad Luck fame, can assist you to "hold your head up in shame" because we know "it's okay to try," so "don't be afraid to cry." If the pleading feeling to start swinging your headphones in a pointless array of fashion arises, we have Adam Lazzara from the previously mentioned Taking Back Sunday Influence to croon you right to that point, with an extremely catchy line-influx from "Tuesday's Waiting;" "where we left off / is where you left off / you couldn't get off / your bed and show off / and may be in awe."

We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to circumstances beyond our genré's control, both our lunch and dinner meals must consist of acoustic. Hopefully, your lunch of "Finished in a Day" is downtempo enough to create a stirring emotional conflict within yourself. If not, we may be able to serve your ironically termed "C.H.A.O.S." dinner (even more downtempo than your lunch!) with special napkins, so "take these used tissues and cry for me." However, this may leave the bittersweet feeling in your mouth as well, for the sappy ending to our trip may leave us asking "one last night...one more night with you."

Well, we hope this trip has been enjoyable for you, and if not, do not worry! It seems as though we have the potential for great things if we can pick the right direction to take it in. If you are completely unsatisfied, you may want to steer clear of future projects. For customers who showed interest, Halifax Airlines asks you to regard the current shortcomings as beginner's margins of error and consider us in the future. Have a pop-punk day and thank you for flying Halifax Airlines!

Frequent Flier Mile Benefit - "Shootout (You'll Never Come Back)"