The New Trust - We are fast moving motherfuckers.  We are women and men of action. (Cover Artwork)

The New Trust

We are fast moving motherfuckers. We are women and men of action. (2003)

self-released / Slowdance

The title of The New Trust's debut CD-EP sure doesn't lie. These "fast-moving motherfuckers" spit out their thoughts and opinions on religion, politics, death and of course relationships in just under 15 minutes. In a musical style similar to, bassist Josh Staples' other band, The Velvet Teen, The New Trust offers beautiful vocals that soar over, through and under rather raw guitars, drum slapping and the occasional key plunking. Only The New Trust does it about ten times faster than the long, drawn out epics found on a Velvet Teen album. The 6 songs fly by, with the longest being just over three minutes long. They move quickly, but they get their point across. What kind of points you ask? How about their opinion on Jesus?

Fables and fiction, pure superstition,
a fairy tale to waste your days away.

This album really is a soundtrack to the human brain; outbursts of thoughts and ideas on random subjects. And all the messages aren't hidden behind elaborate metaphors or symbolism. I could almost see this album written during one of those late night conversations you have with friends where all you do is just let words roll right out of your brain. Let everyone know about your greatest fantasies and dreams-

I'll stand up to the actors who play the part of our masters,
"Action! Now ride off into the distance."
They ask, "What's my motivation?"
"How bout your fucking head on a stick?
Now get moving!"

Then someone responds, "That could never happen". Then, of course, since you are a woman or man of action, you say, "Fuck that, we can do what we want. Let's form a band and tell everyone what we think and do something instead of rotting here in this basement!" Wait, that's what I want to do. Oh well, its kind of on-topic, because I wanted to say that it's very easy to put yourself into these songs. They're easy to relate with and listen to. Which brings me to my only complaint about the album. The quality of the recording is merely ok. The vocals get drowned out every once in a while and some of the back-up vocals are a little weak (check "Crashed Out"… eeek), but considering the band is hand-making these CD's the recording is not too bad.

Overall, The New Trust looks very promising. They have great lyrics and a nice sound. Although the CD flies by in 15 minutes, it is very enjoyable and well worth the 5-7 bucks. I can't wait to hear what they can put together on a full length.

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