The Jimmies - Let The Fat Men Plunder (Cover Artwork)

The Jimmies

Let The Fat Men Plunder (2000)


Who the fuck are the Jimmies?

Some people on this site might remember when they broke up and no one had ever heard about them, which is like one of the top 5 threads in the history of

I bet that the only people who ever heard of them before this review heard about them in aforementioned thread.

and unfourtanately, there's a reason for that.

This CD sounds like the music of Ramones and Social Distortion with a touch of Husker Du on the vocals. The 14 songs on this CD deal with the usual subjects such as love and the music business. This disc is painfully unoriginal in the vein that it makes the Queers look original. The song aren't really bad themselves, but not just strong enough to make out a CD where I could actually listen to the whole thing without thinking that I want to change CDs every 10 seconds. But of course, some songs are better than others and I like the songs where they sound more to the Social Distortion side more than the songs were the Ramones influences are stronger. The tempo of the CD is pretty the same all the time. Sure, sometimes it slows down but not enough for the listener to actually care.

There are some highlights on the CD though, Summer High has a nice feel to it and the lyrics flow pretty well. Other tracks that are better than the rest is Just What I Do and Advantage. I really wish I had more to say about this CD, but really, I only did this because I'm curious to see the comments about the band.

So, now please let me finish this up pretty quick. This band is the Jimmies, they've broke up earlier this year and they are NOT Jimmie's Chicken Shack.