The Moment - This Is The Moment (Cover Artwork)
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The Moment

This Is The Moment (2003)

Arms Reach

Finally, the lyrical mastermind behind the criminally underappreciated Gods Reflex has returned, and not a minute too soon. Bassist/vocalist Zach Newman[formerly of the 'Flex] knows how to write moody, introspective lyrics more akin to Blake Schwarzenbach than Chris Carraba, and finding a lyricist such as this is getting harder and harder.

The Moment, also featuring members of defunct Illinois bands As Trumpets Fade and Uniform Pants, would best be described as a sort of Gods Reflex v2.0. When you have the same vocalist producing the same quality lyrics, it's hard to escape one's musical past. But the music is progressing, step by step. Drummer Eliott Porter incorporates electronic percussion [and the occasional random bleep and bloop] to supplement his tasteful yet driving drumming, taking the songs from your basic "emo-rock" genre to another plane. Guitarist Nate Kirschmann's chops are solid, and his sound definitely fills up the songs, considering the band is only a three-piece. His guitar melodies are never too busy, and he always allows Newman's tasteful basslines to shine through the mix as well. Kirshmann's occasional keyboard parts [like in "Dreamers and Alchemists"] are a welcome addition to the power trio's sound.

The biggest downside to this EP is the recording itself - it sounds little more than a glorified demo, with the drums being very quiet most of the time. That grittiness works in favor of them in some tracks, though, like the opener "If Only We Were Saints." If one song on the EP were to earn the official "sounds like Gods Reflex" comparison, this one would be it, but that is nothing but a compliment.

The Moment has quite a bit of potential, and while their live show is still a bit shaky, I still eagerly anticipate seeing them again and their impending full-length.

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