The Hint - The Black & White Album (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Hint

The Black & White Album (2003)


Boring, bland, pop-punk. Now that you know how I feel about The Hint's self-titled album, you can choose to continue reading while I explain how I feel, or commence bashing me below. The choice is yours. The Hint is a trio from Washington DC. Sure this album has a slightly harder edge while remaining somewhat melodic, but its still pop. The songs attempt to be sing-along anthems and fail miserably. The guitar riffs are catchy, but they all sound like they've been used before in a song that likely sounded better. It seemed as though with every song, about a minute before it was scheduled to end, I was ready to flip to the next song. They couldn't hold my attention very well at all. Two of the songs ("Neverend" and "Karen") never should have made it to an album, they're that poorly put together.

There were two songs I was able to somewhat make it through without wanting to poke holes in my eardrums, and those were "Halfway" (which is supposed to be the single) and "Evolution." The chorus for "Evolution" is somewhat catchy, with the lyrics being: "if you came here tonight to hear one song/ I hope you sing along/ cuz misery loves company/ and I can't do it alone." Still nothing that spectacular, but fun to sing along to.

Overall, this album was very difficult for me to get in to, but if you're a fan of Good Charlotte, maybe check it out, vocalist Joe Jayson's voice occasionally reminded me of the lead singer for that band. I can't really recommend this album to anybody in good conscience.