The Faux - The Faux (Cover Artwork)
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The Faux

The Faux (2003)


Do you think you are ready for The Faux? I sure was not prepared when I loaded their new self-titled debut CD into my stereo. This four-piece no-wave band is like nothing I have heard before. Hailing from Boston, The Faux creates their sound using only vocals, drums, bass, and synth.

Imagine Arab on Radar on crack, then add a little more screaming, and a lot more synth, and you have The Faux. Their EP is extremely energetic and intense. Unfortunately their disc did not come with lyrics, and trying to decipher what the vocalist is screaming/screeching/singing is quite a task. But there seems to be dark tone to most of their songs. The vocals are the most distinct feature to the album and have an ear piercing sound that gave me the chills. It is too hard to describe – you have to hear these sounds for yourself.

The five tracks on this album go by quickly, but can be hard to listen to if you are not into this style of music. Their second track, Instrumental, sounds like most dramatic music ever found in Mario Brothers sped up and distorted with sreaming and added synth - it is extremely entertaining.

I am really into the no-wave, experimental, post punk music right now. If you are a fan of Arab on Radar, The Locust, or The Blood Brothers, you should give these guys a listen. The Faux, are making an imprint on this scene, and should have a strong future ahead.