The Joykiller - Ready Sexed Go! (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Joykiller

Ready Sexed Go! (2003)


The Joykiller's Ready Sexed Go is a compilation of tracks from their previous releases along with seven unreleased tracks. The only song I knew by the band before hearing this disc was "Hate," and I only new it from Punk-O-Rama volume 2. While this album doesn't make me want to run to the nearest record store and pick up all their (out of print) releases, it is a decent album, especially for someone into punk with a slight twist. This band consists of Jack Grisham and Ron Emory from T.S.O.L, Billy Persons from Gun Club and The Weirdos, and Ronnie King who was keyboardist for Tupac Shakur and Snoop Doggy Dogg.

The band is versatile, able to go from shouting songs to sings with "la la la's" without difficulty. The songs are catchy and amusing (much like the album art, maybe I'm just immature enough to still find sexual humor funny). In the song "Go Bang" my favorite line is "isn't love the best? You find someone you like and you get them undressed… all I want to do is go bang."

The unreleased tracks are the real highlight of this album though. The last four tracks probably stand out as my favorites, and they are "Someone to Love?," "Breaking Up is Cool," "Miss Fortune," and "Emily." The band slows it down a bit for "Miss Fortune," turning into a ballad. "Breaking Up is Cool" is a funny story about high school breakups. "Emily is a fast and bouncy song that is extremely catchy.

Overall, this isn't an album that I would have picked up in the stores, and it's probably not an album that I'm going to be listening to very often, but for it's 77 minutes packed full of music that fans of the band will enjoy, especially the previously unreleased tracks.