Kissing Tigers - Trebuchet (Cover Artwork)
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Kissing Tigers

Trebuchet (2003)


Kissing Tigers' debut Trebuchet EP came out on Slowdance records last week. I am in love with this EP. Everytime I listen to it, I love it a little bit more. It was playing while my roommate and I played four hours of Super Mario Brothers 3, and I still love it. It's playing right now and I love it. I'll even love this EP tomorrow when I'm sober again and all I'm doing all morning is pissing out strawberry white zinfandel. That's how good this is.

You're probably thinking, "why does this drunk girl love the Kissing Tigers so much?" Honestly, I don't know. I mean, it's catchy, it's young, and it's carefree. It's short; it's to the point. At times, it reminds me of The New Trust. Sixteen minutes of pure bliss, I think that's what I'd call this. "I died in a mall," what a great title for a song! This EP makes me want to dance, it makes me want to sing. Every single one of the five songs is a gem. If my roommate wasn't passed out right now, I'll be blasting this! These Santa Barbara kids are rocking me like no other. I believe there are five of them. It's bratty yet mature, why are you still reading this review? Why aren't you at the Slowdance web site ordering this EP yet?

Are you listening to The Faint these days? Maybe you've jumped on the Hot Hot Heat bandwagon. Maybe you just love keyboards. That's why you're going to buy this EP, because you know you're going to love it. This time, you aren't all just going to go on about how I'm a dumb guy (which I'm not, I'm a dumb girl, if anything), or how my musical opinion sucks. You're all done with that. Just this one time, listen to me you fools. Listen to Kissing Tigers. Tomorrow I'll be sober, but you'll still be stupid if you're not listening to Kissing Tigers. This is the end.