Various - Warped Tour Live DVD (Cover Artwork)


Warped Tour Live 📀 (2002)

Pioneer Arts


Can't beat the Warped Tour. Nothing like spending a day at Warped getting soaked by security hoses and listening to your favorite bands. There's only 1 thing that can top an experience such as this, which is sitting on your couch watching the Warped Tour. But if you really miss the security hoses, dump a bottle of water on yourself every now and then when you watch it.

This DVD was released in 2003, but covers the 2002 Warped Tour in Vancouver and Montreal and shows the stage acts of 17 bands, most (not all, most) of which are high on the punk society's state of mind, meaning there is no Simple Plan (Thank God), Blink 182, and the like. Sorry to say, Good Charlotte is in the DVD, but only for an interview, (which I just skipped over). This was really a bounce back year for Warped. Bands off all sounds taint the DVD, ranging from Pop punk to Emo to Reggae (if you will), Ska, and the good ol' fashioned balls out punk rock.

The DVD has a lot of cool things to watch other the concert. Many bands give interviews (most topping off at one minute, give or take about 20 seconds) about how the tour has been for them. The Head Hancho of the Warped Tour, Kevin Lyman, gives many "pep talks" off how bands can get on Warped, what Warped is renowned for, and how he has figured out to a put together a show that definitely is worth your hard-earned (or ill-gotten) cash. The DVD shows many Warped employees talking about their job and glances on the construction of stages, the catering company, Flogging Molly's bus, and the Moto-X and skate parks.

My only real complaint about the DVD is that there is no Main Page where you would look at special features or pick a scene like you would on a normal DVD movie. This DVD just takes you immediately into the movie, and you have to use your remote to chapter search to find bands or go straight to a specific extra. Not a big deal, but enough of a nuisance for me to tell you about it and waste more of your time reading this.

Now to the bands, 17 in all. I maybe had to press the Chapter button 3 times in all. Something Corporate is up first, giving a God awful performance that can only be enjoyed by the mentally retarded. Anti-Flag gives an amazing performance, spare Pat Thetic (drums) who seems to have some major mental/motor skill issues, singing "Underground Network" and "Got The Numbers". The next 2 bands flop the DVD. Ozma, a band made up of an 1980s Cheese Hair Metal guitarist, an Abercrombie & Fitch curly haired pretty boy, an Asian guitarist who could be on to better things if he leaves this band, and a drummer who is probably the genetically engineered child off all 3 band members. Next is Morgan Heritage, the "Reggae" band I mentioned. They aren't bad in a sense of musical talent, but do not belonged on Warped (Although Kevin Lyman says he trys to be diverse in the music he brings to Warped). The Used, Lagwagon, and Hot Water Music all give strong performances. Up next is the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, who I personally don't care for, but they were far from bad, and would most likely be enjoyed by any of their fans. New Found Glory is next. Do I really need to say more? Didn't think so. Let's move on. NOFX is next, playing my all time favorite song by them-"The Brews". MXPX, No Use For A Name, and Flogging Molly all give amazing performances. MXPX's "Tomorrow's Another Day" is a stand out. GOB is next, playing "What To Do". Seeing as how this was in Canada, they were eagerly accepted by the fans. NOTE: Eagerly accepted in Canada means Yawn in America. Reel Big Fish is up. (Repeat Bosstone opinion). Alkaline Trio is next, which makes the DVD for me. Me being a Chicago dweller, Alk3 has always been my favorite. Burning up the stage with "Take Lots With Alcohol" and the amazing "Radio" featuring #2 of Anti-Flag was amazing. And last but not least, the balls out punk that I was talking about....Bad Religion. That's all I really need to say.

So if you missed the 2002 Warped Tour or saw it and loved it, pick this up. It will not disappoint.