Fingers Cut MegaMachine - Fingers Cut MegaMachine 7'' (Cover Artwork)

Fingers Cut MegaMachine

Fingers Cut MegaMachine 7'' (2003)

Aggravated Music

The new band from Osker's Devon Williams has finally released something. It's been quite a long time since the release of 2001's innovative Idle Will Kill, so I'm thrilled to hear something new from Devon & co. Last year, Devon announced that he was forming a new band entitled Lung Fa Tang. I interviewed him over the Summer through email and got to ask him some questions. Later on, the band was renamed to Fingers Cut, MegaMachine! And now, in 2003, we have been graced by the presence of their debut seven inch.

This seven inch features two previously released tracks (via the band's website), "Testament," and "Laughs Per Minute." Aside from that, it features two new songs, "Paint Your Shoes," and "I Have What You Want." FCMM is basically acoustic music with strong folk, indie rock, and various other influences. Devon plays guitar, sings, and writes the lyrics. Producer Mike Trujillo (He also produced both Osker albums) contributes his drum work on one song, while Andy Caulkin plays organ on one track. Whatever happened to Osker's bassist, David Benitez? He has joined the ranks of FCMM as well, but he wasn't available in time to record these songs. Speaking of the songs, let's discuss them.

Although both sides of the album are impressive, Side A is the best of the two. "Testament" leads off Side A, and it is truly beautiful. It was the first song I heard by the band, and once I listened to it for the first time I knew I was in for something great. Song two, "Paint Your Shoes," is gorgeous as well. Devon's vocal and songwriting work has definitely grown since the end of Osker. While Side A showcases Devon's delicate and emotional side, Side B displays the band's more playful side.

"Laughs Per Minute" is one of the catchiest songs of the year. It glows with charm, and will be stuck in your head for days. The last song is "I Have What You Want." Andy Caulkin contributes some organ work on this one, which definitely adds another layer to the band's music. This song is far different than anything Devon has ever done, and it ends the album somberly in perfect fashion.

Please go to the Aggravated Music website and purchase this record. It is only $5.00 postage paid, and it is definitely worth your money. This band is as good, if not better than Osker, and in my opinion, that says a lot. I look forward to hearing more from them in the future. Let's hope for a full length release soon. Dust off your turntables kids, and if you don't have one, go buy one. Why? Because this great record is waiting for you.

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