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Holdens Catch

Holdens Catch (2003)

Get Around

Chicago has yet another band to bring to the table. This band- Holden's Catch, is a four piece rock/punk band originating in Orland Part Illinois. Recently, many of Chicago's local bands from the suburbs have had a repetitive and formulaic pop punk sound such as Fall Out Boy, The Plain White T's, Lucky Boys Confusion, and even Spitalfield's new album. I am glad to say that Holden's Catch is a band hailing from the suburbs that will not entice you with continuous power chords and clap along beats.

This 6 song EP is the first release for Holden's Catch, and was put out by Ger Around Records. Recently, this band has toured with Tom Sawyer, and played alongside bands such as The Ghost, and Small Brown Bike. These bands are exactly how I would classify the sound of Holden's Catch.

The vocals remind me of Hot Water Music, scratchy and almost hoarse. This sound adds to the expressiveness of their lyrics- that I found to be pretty impressive for a new young band with an average age of 19 or 20. Holden's Catch is by no means a band set out to make generic lyrics about failed high school love affairs. Instead they uniquely describe relationships and their coming of age through expressions of anger, rage, and self-realization.

In all honesty, Holden's Catch is not in a league of their own. They are not a new innovative sound, unlike anything you have heard before. In fact, their sound seems to blend in with many other rock/punk bands I have seen this summer at the Fireside. However, this band does illustrate superior lyrics, and is know to for their energetic live show. It is safe to say that Holden's Catch is doing very well for themselves in a scene with so many similar sounding bands.