One Man Army - Live At The Troubadour DVD (Cover Artwork)

One Man Army

Live At The Troubadour 📀 (2003)

Kung Fu

I'm going to start things off by saying that this is a live DVD, not a cd. One Man Army managed to grab the third installment of Kung Fu Film's The Show Must Go Off. The series also includes other acts such as The Vandals, Mest, Alkaline Trio, Guttermouth and Neil Hamburger. The DVD includes a 16 song live concert and then a bunch of cool special features. With that said, Here goes nothing...

Obviously, the main portion of this DVD is the live show. One Man Army takes over West Hollywood's Troubadour for this one. I'd say One Man Army does a great job of the set list. It includes a lot of variation of songs off all 3 alblums. The band begins with Another Dead End Story off their debut album, Dead End Stories. I'd say this is one of the highlights from the performance. It seems the band is full of energy and they seem to do a good job with it. A few songs in they play S.O.S being a new one. They do a good job with it, another one of my favourites. Jack's voice seems to hold well live, which I was pretty impressed by. Through the middle of the set they play a lot of stuff off of Last Word Spoken. Such songs would include, Red Lights Tinge, Another Night, The Lonely Road Nowhere, and Tune of the Leisure Pace. They sped The Lonely Road Nowhere up a bit. This probably blends it in more to the rest of the set. Tune of the Leisure Pace is probably my favourite song off the set. It turns out great, I think Jack seems to do a variation for the intro for this one. Sounds cool. They play some new ones such as Victoria, and Rotting in The Doldrums after. Good tunes. They also don't blab on about useless bullshit in between the songs. They finish off the set with Last Word Spoken. From what I remember Jack loses his voice a bit with this one. People get up on the stage a bunch. Looks good. Afterwards, the band gets off stage and then for some reason Jack and Chip go back on. I don't even think I heard a chant for an encore. Jack and Chip play The Holidays together without Heiko while the camera still finds Heiko during the performance at the bar and what not. Once Heiko rejoins the trio they play one of their oldest and fastest, Bootlegger's Son.

Awsome. That sums up the show. Jack does a good job, some off the solo stuff he plays is a little sketchy and a few times people jump on stage and mess him or Heiko up. Its all good though. Chip pretty much beat the shit out of his kit. I don't think I noticed him messing up once. Very solid. Not being a bassist myself its hard to comment on Heiko, but im pretty sure he played solidly. Great Show.

Moving onto the Special Features. Now, this is what we pretty much buy DVD's for is it not? I'll say I didn't expect much. I do like however how there is a feature where the band commentates on their show while it plays. Its really cool. Kind of lets you know what they thought of it. Although, from what I heard you don't hear Jack talk much. Heiko seems to love the attention, he blabs on and on. There is also 4 backstage clips from what I can remember. At the Bar, Loadin Up, Hangin' Out, and After the Show. At the bar is probably my favourite. Pretty much all Heiko, taking shots of 151 and stuff. Loadin Up is all Heiko again. I think he is drunk for most of this since some of the stuff he says is pretty dumb. Hangin' Out and After the Show are pretty self explainatory. Not much, just a lot of Heiko and his loud ass. Apart from these 2 special features there isn't much. There is a photo gallery which is a slide show of some pics (it includes them from outside of the troubadour show aswell). The only thing about the photo gallery is that you can see most of these pics from the One Man Army site, I think their all on there. There is also some links and stuff for the internet, but most regular people will just overlook this. If something brings this dvds score down from a 10 it would be features like this. Pretty much filler. Not many people care about online access. The Backstage stuff could be a little longer also. Jack should get his ass on camera. Its obvious he doesn't like the camera but if your going to do a dvd you mine as well participate.

That it pretty much the One Man Army DVD in a nutshell. Kung Fu did a pretty solid job. Lots of cool angles during the performance and a cool little punk rock intro to the dvd. In my opinion, this is a must have for any die hard One Man Army fan. It's pretty fucking solid and definitely worth the money.