Pulley - @#!* (Cover Artwork)


@#!* (1999)


This album features an all-star punk rock line up, including Scott from 10 foot pole and Jim and Jordan from none other than Strung Out. Mike and Tyler are or were in other bands also(budget and scared straight i think). This is the 3rd release from Pulley, and while I like the previous two a little better than this one, it is still an awesome punk record with few down moments.

The album starts with 'working class whore', a pretty good song about the horrors of working your life away. Its a good song but the next 5 are absolute punk perfection. 'Soberbeah'(my favorite song),'Pie', 'Gone', 'Over it' and 'darkside' are five of Pulley's best, and are easily worth the price of the CD. They combine lighting quick drum beats, two crunchy-yet-melodic guitars, and Scott's amazing voice to make a few of the best songs on Epitaph(in my opinion anyway). Then comes 'Nothing to Lose', which brings a different, lighter sound to the album, and really showcases some good guitar work. 'Second Best', which can also be found on the Serial Killer comp, is the next song and pretty much rocks. 'Just for me' is one of the two songs I didn't like, along with 'Sick'. 'Dog's Life' is another good song with clever lyrics and a really catchy guitar part. The last track, 'intro-outro' is an instumental which wasn't really necessary, but who am I to say.

If you're a fan of Pulley's first two albums, then @#!* is definitely a must have, if just for songs 2-6. If you've never heard Pulley, but like talented, fast,agressive, in-your-face melodic punk rock that will rock your ass up and down, Pulley is most definitely a band to check out. Any band with Jordan Burns on drums has got to be amazing, right?