Andrew W.K. - The Wolf (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Andrew W.K.

The Wolf (2003)


If you follow this website at all, you know I love Andrew WK more than I love my own mother. I take pride in knowing that I was the first person to call him the "audio messiah," a term that is now sweeping the internet [at least in my mind]. But please don't let my rabid enthusiasm of this man sway you from trusting my opinion on this CD, as I am trying to judge it as objectively as possible.

That being said, this album fucking rocks.

No, it's not as good as I Get Wet. Yes, many of the songs are long, with half of the album's tracks clocking in at over 4 minutes, which is about a minute or so too long for any good AWK song. Yes, a good majority of the album is slow, or at least slower than many of us expected. Does any of that hurt this album's score? Yes, slightly.

There are still some really killer tracks on here. "Long Live The Party" makes me want to run around my room in circles until I pass out. "Tear It Up" makes me want to do just that. "Never Let Down" sounds like the ending of an 80's teen movie where the geeky guy hits the winning free throw, or the unsociable girl is the prom queen. A high five or kiss on the lips ensues, the screen freezes, and the credits start rolling with this as the background music. It's such an incredibly positive track that you can't help but be motivated by it.

The album isn't without it's pockmarks, though. "Free Jumps" is forgettable, as is "The Song." "Make Sex" goes from being a complete throwaway track to being the best song I've ever heard with every other listen - this one song alone is making me bipolar, I swear.

Andrew's lyrics are as positive and sincere as ever, with "Really In Love" showcasing the man's knack for balladry and album closer "I Love Music" giving him four minutes of soul-emptying honesty for the public's consumption. And the best thing about all the songs is, as usual, you're able to sing along before the track is even over.

Oh yeah, once again Andrew plays every instrument on the album. The guy is one talented audio messiah.

The album has a much bigger, 80's feel to it, making it a rather sharp contrast to I Get Wet. No, seriously, you could listen to both albums and definitely tell a difference in sound and style. Andrew seems to be trying new things ever so slightly, and I for one can't wait to hear what he will come up with next. The album's not perfect, but it's fun, and in a time where no one seems to really be making fun, honest music anymore, Andrew WK once again is a breath of fresh air.