Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material (Cover Artwork)

Stiff Little Fingers

Inflammable Material (1979)


daz dog

Having looked at the bands that have been reviewed on this site I was pleased to see that there is a solid mix between mainstream and underground bands, but the reviews of the older and origional punk bands are few and far between. So I thought it would be a good idea to beef up this section of reviews with the band "STIFF LITTLE FINGERS".

"INFLAMMABLE MATERIAL" is slf's first full album and opitomises the style of punk at the time being raw and politically charged. Growing up in Belfast (Northern Ireland) in the 1970's greatly influences their lyrics and this is shown right from the off set with the song "Suspect Device" about overthrowing the IRA and loyalist paramilitaries. The band manages to connect with their audience through their raw political sound but most songs are catchy with great hooks though all songs on this album have a seious undertone a perfect example being "wasted life" about refusing to get caught up in violence. The song "White Noise" is one of my favourites as its sound is punk rock personified, its catchy as hell as Jake Burns screams about white Britain being racists- "black wogs black wogs your face don't fit, black wogs black wogs- you ain't no Brit." What a fantastic example of typical punk sarcasm. I have to briefly mention "Alternative Ulster" the most famous song on the album and perhaps the band's most famous track, it has one of the most catchy riffs I've ever heard, most punk fans have probably heard this one.

Stiff Little Fingers have influenced many bands including Green Day, which is what got me listening to them in the first place, they sound a lot like the clash in London Calling in this album and I would recommend this album to any fans of both mainstream and underground punk. It's a must have that I promise you will enjoy.