Death In Graceland - Come On, Touch Me (Cover Artwork)

Death In Graceland

Come On, Touch Me (2003)

Formula 47

Born out of the demise of former Cincinnati bands, such as The Frantic Romantics, and NoArms.NoLegs., Death In Graceland has been bringing the "fuck you" attitude back to rock music for little under a year's time. With the release of their debut disc, Come On, Touch Me, the quintet has managed to pump out seven tracks of unihibited energy, which epitomizes the band's evil- sex, drugs, and rock n roll sound, reminiscient to MC5.

"Dance Floor Disasters" opens the album, immediately imploring you to "shake your ass like you should - like those dirty motherfuckers in HOLLYWOOD!". The band's catchiest song by far, it serves as a good intro to Death In Graceland's sound.

For me "Sunsets of the South" serves as the highlight of the disc. Track Five, "Retro Color Clash", transitions smoothly right into this song, as the bass guitar chugs along. Soon the guitars begin to rise above the drums, and bass, right as Matthew kicks in with his distorted ramblings throughout the first verse, only to emerge from the muddle with his dark, soulful scream of:"And then she stops breathing." Perfectly fitting, the track is dark, and representative of what I think Death In Graceland is to me. A lot of people actually compare them to The Stooges, or MC5, however I am definitely not qualified to make that comparison.

Other songs such as "Retro Color Clash", and "Dragging The Lake" hold their own on the album, showcasing skillful guitars, and powerful drumming, as well as bass. Drive Thru Records fans be warned: this ain't no Starting Line. Harmonies, hell no... Sugar coated refrains that will make your ears bleed, definitely not... Pretty Boys, forget about it, although their hair cuts are pretty stylish, which in effect gives them a good look- not that it matters.

Anyways, Come On, Touch Me albeit an impressive disc, doesn't compare to Death In Graceland's live show.

Virgins to the experience of Death In Graceland Live should be warned of the drunkeness that ensues at the shows. Following that is a stage show that includes male nudity, along with the lead vocalist, "Matthew", working himself into a frenzy, including tossing lit cigarettes into the crowd's face. They might not know it, but they sure do know how to work a crowd.

Bottom Line: Death In Graceland's Come On, Touch Mehas brought a breath of fresh air to the music scene in Cincinnati, Ohio with their attitude, energy, and ability to write dark songs, that effectively tell good stories.

Death In Graceland: pizza boys by day - rock stars by night.

Get into it.