Modern Machines - Thwap! (Cover Artwork)

Modern Machines

Thwap! (2003)

New Disorder

The midwest has always been a fertile breeding ground for highly talented but highly under-appreciated bands. Whether it's due to those great expanses between populated areas or if there's just something about the people and their music the rest of the country just doesn't get. Many of those who do break through to larger stardom like The Replacements or Husker Du have a certain tragedy about them that halts them just before reaching their full potential and a wider audience. Not to say every band from the midwest never get's their due but it sure seems to be their lot for the most part...especially the more credible ones. I'm hoping the Modern Machines see a bit more attention than what they've recieved so far. Because they're definitly deserving.

The Modern Machines harken back in many ways to the midwest of the late 70's and early 80's. That golden time in Midwest music that spawned many of the bands we consider classics today. The main influences you'll hear are early Twin Tone era Replacements and early Husker Du. But you'll also pick up hints of the Suicide Commandos and the Zero Boys. Thwap! if it had been recorded and released at the time would certainly be considered an essential today. I know those are strong words but this is one of the best releases of the year to date and to me certainly an instant classic.

Live these guys are a maniacal rock'n'roll trainwreck. Pumping out more honest true energy and heart than 90% of the bands I've seen live this year. No fake posturing or pretentious bullshit which is really refreshing. These guys live their music because it is their life...not because it's fashionable or necessarily commercially viable. It's honest, real and well worth your time. This record is available now from New Disorder Records.