Harley Quin - I've Got A Bad Feeling About This (Cover Artwork)

Harley Quin

I've Got A Bad Feeling About This (2003)


Over the last two years, bands such as Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, and New Found Glory have helped shove punk right down mainstream America's throat, with their pretty faces plastered all over MTV's hit show TRL with Carson Daly. Unfortunately, Pop-punk, as this sugar coated music came to be known, wasn't accepted by everyone in the punk community. Cincinnati, Ohio pop-punk outfit Harley Quin embraced this widespread movement, and it shows on their debut full-length, I've Got A Bad Feeling About This.

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing...

The 12-track disc is filled with sugary harmonies, that will have you nodding your head, and singing right along for the next thirty minutes. All the cliches of pop-punk are there including songs about falling in love, songs about falling out of love, and songs about summertime.

Standout tracks include "Without You", "One Last Summer", and "No Immediate Consequence." Evan Sharfe's vocals, albeit a bit whiny, work rather well for Harley Quin as his voice stands out on almost every track. Never over processed, I've Got A Bad Feeling About This is solid from beginning to end.

Also, Mark Lienhart's crisp drumming really seems to stand out on most tracks. Mitch Wyatt, a music engineer from the Cincinnati area, did a great job mixing the album. After listening to the album thoroughly, I would have never guessed that this album was mixed locally. Hell, it sounds like something from Drive- Thru Records lineup of bands such as The Starting Line, and Allister.

And the point is: Pop-punk fans will love every second of this album, as I did... but beware pretentious indie rockers: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

The record is available at the band's website, along with mp3 clips: www.harleyquinrock.com