Northern State - Dying In Stereo (Cover Artwork)

Northern State

Dying In Stereo (2003)

Star Time International

Whack. To lay it as simply as possible this record is whack. If I had to give a two sentence, 12 word review on this record that's precisely what I'd say. But I'm a big mouth seldom willing to leave well enough alone...especially when it concerns a recent hype band getting by far more hype then they deserve.

Northern State is a college party act who have stumbled in to a record deal. They're not ashamed to say so themselves. Humble beginnings are indeed something to be proud of. However not unlike your sister doing impromptu cheers on your front lawn with her girlfriends this is something that is amusing at home or a party but certainly shouldn't be brought to a stage or recorded for posterity. Far and wide on their recent tour posters claim Northern State to be "The Female Beastie Boys" which I think is insulting to all parties involved. The most they have in common today is a vocalist with a high nasal voice. They however do not share a knack for innovation, solid flows, advanced beats or creativity. The Northern State album is a novelty at best and a grand insult to hip hop at worst.

This is an album and group that could only flourish under what John Waters once dubbed as the curtain of irony. High reviews reign in City Centers such as New York and LA which are your traditional taste makers to be sure. But I assure you this is a joke...the kind of joke you don't laugh at because you're the victim of it. This isn't something you should be accepting just because it's different then what you've been hearing. This is crap with a thin layer of talcum powder. There are women in hip-hop putting out much better records than this I assure you.